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New Beginnings in 2023 Brings Heightened Awareness & Initiatives To Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation

Celebrating the Past and Ushering in a New Era for The DRCF

It's that time of year, friends...PADDLE FOR A CAUSE is now just about 10 weeks away, and paddler registration is now open at! This is our first blog update in quite some time, but we've got incredibly high hopes for 2023 so strap in, grab your second or third hot beverage of the morning and enjoy some storytime with us at DRCF!

The Story So Far:

Every year, the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation (DRCF) brings together a community of passionate individuals for a remarkable event, "Paddle For A Cause." As we look forward to the upcoming gathering on June 10, 2023, at Ski Beach in Ventnor, New Jersey, it is important to remember the successes of past events and the journey that has brought us here. In this blog article, we will take a trip down memory lane, highlighting the incredible impact of Paddle For A Cause, and discuss how the 2023 event promises to usher in a new era for the DRCF while staying true to its roots.

Our Roots:

The FIRST Paddle For A Cause- 2007!

The story of Paddle For A Cause began as a tribute to Dean Randazzo, a professional surfer who fought cancer multiple times with unwavering determination. Inspired by Dean's resilience, the DRCF was founded in 2001 to support cancer patients and their families, promote cancer awareness, and fund research to find a cure.

Over the years, Paddle For A Cause has evolved into a cherished annual event that not only raises funds but also celebrates the strength and courage of those affected by cancer. The camaraderie and support displayed by participants and spectators alike embody the spirit of the DRCF's mission.

Memorable Moments and Successes:

Throughout its history, Paddle For A Cause has witnessed many heartwarming and triumphant moments. Countless participants have shared their personal stories of battling cancer, inspiring others with their courage and determination. The event has also successfully raised significant funds to support cancer research, awareness, and patient care initiatives. The generosity of the participants, sponsors, and community members has truly made a difference in the lives of many.


(He's gonna hate seeing a whole blurb about let's get into it!) SET THE SCENE: It’s 2019 and Dean has just begun the sea leg of the Paddle For A Cause event. Less than two miles into an incredibly grueling course, Dean is cast into by a fisherman’s hook, which embedded itself deep into his leg. Jon Baker (current President of the DRCF, who took this photo figured this would be the end of his day and Dean’s alike. Jon returned home to freshen up from the morning and return to greet the early Paddlers who were finishing only to see by all accounts one of the most challenging courses due to the wind and waves that day... “Dean The Machine” himself crossing the finish line. A truly unstoppable force to be reckoned with. THIS is why the DRCF exists.

Everyone knows that Dean is a prize catch, but this day he literally almost became a trophy on someone's wall!

A Little About Our 2023 Paddle Presenting Sponsor, Desatnick Real Estate

DeSatnick Real Estate has been involved with the Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation since the very first paddle around Absecon Island in 2007. When Mike May created the event, Broker/Owner Todd deSatnick participated as one of the original seven paddlers. Todd, his brother Chad, their family, along with their coworkers and community supporters, have been loyal followers of Dean and his Foundation. Many friendships have been created through the collaborative efforts of the people involved that have led to the support of charitable causes throughout our communities. We are incredibly thankful for DeSatnick's continued involvement in our events and organization! Be sure to visit the DeSatnick Website and check them out on Facebook to see some incredible real estate properties available in the Cape May area!

Ushering in a New Era:

As we approach the 2023 Paddle For A Cause event, excitement is building for what promises to be a new chapter in the DRCF's story. While we cherish the memories and successes of past events, we also eagerly anticipate the new opportunities and innovations that the future holds. The 2023 event at Ski Beach in Ventnor, New Jersey, will showcase the DRCF's commitment to staying true to its roots while embracing new ideas and strategies. By fostering a sense of unity and purpose, Paddle For A Cause will continue to grow as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those affected by cancer.

The Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation's Paddle For A Cause represents the best of what a community can accomplish when it comes together for a common cause. As we celebrate the past successes of this remarkable event and look forward to the 2023 gathering, let us remember that the spirit of Dean Randazzo and the resilience of all those affected by cancer live on in our hearts. Together, we will continue to make a difference in the fight against this devastating disease. As always, Donations are an integral part of our success and we rely on donors for support throughout the year. To make a donation in your name or in honor of someone else, please consider visiting our website and hit "Donate" to make a contribution!

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